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Our point of view

EL SIGLO 1870 is a company whose activity focuses on the “design, manufacture and supply of uniforms, vests, covers and textile accessories for police and military use. The design and supply of ballistic protection elements. The supply of optical and detection equipment and accessories for military and police use.


Our mission is to be the most efficient manufacturer and distributor of uniforms and accessories for police and military use.

Since our foundation in 1870, the evolution of our company has led us to strive to be a benchmark in these products. The bases of our quality policy are based on the following points:

• The demanding and technical market we are targeting compels us to be immersed in the continuous improvement of our items.

• We always seek the development of new products that facilitate the activity of our clients, as well as the application of new materials that give our articles a recognised quality.

• Through periodic checks, the management confirms the effectiveness of the management system and the degree of compliance with the objectives set. This policy is reviewed annually to guarantee its adequacy.

• The company communicates both its internal and external policies, so they are known and understood.


We show our commitment to the prevention of pollution of our most immediate surroundings by maintaining an Environmental Management System as a reference instrument to guarantee compliance with the applicable legal requirements. We do this by:

1º Minimising waste. By reusing materials and waste that can be reincorporated into processes. Recycling of waste through a systematic selection and segregation of waste and the management/treatment of waste through available channels and managers, always within the applicable regulations.

2º Optimising resource consumption towards sustainable development.

All these aims are maintained in place in order to prevent acoustic, atmospheric, water and soil pollution, their effectiveness lies in their human potential, for this reason, staff are provided with training and awareness at all times to create a working environment that is safe and clean and that guarantees quality service and respect for the environment.

The material resources in our company are of vital importance, which is why we select those that have a guaranteed quality and a minimal impact on the environment, keeping these in perfect conditions and in sufficient quantities.

This integrated policy is the continuous reference for the proposal and review of our objectives, quality and environmental goals that the Management periodically approves in order to improve results.

At San Fernando, December 1st of 2020.

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