We have adapted our production capacity to manufacture protective garments against Covid19, having developed:

Protective coverall, developed specifically for the Covid19,
it´s made of waterproof & breathable fabric, allows the regulation of the user’s temperature by evaporating sweat, so that thermal stress is eliminated and thus promotes the user’s own work to be carried out in the most comfortable way.

    • PPE Certificated by Aitex , number 20/2708/00/0161
      • EN 13688:2013, AT 340:2003
      • EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 (type 6)
      • EN 14126:2003/AC:2004 (type 6B), resistance to penetration of contaminated liquids (Class 6)
        and resistance to penetration of biological agents
        (Class 6)

Reusable sanitary surgical robe, our bet is to make a disposable but washable robe. It is certified for a minimum of 25 washes at 90 degrees, so the same robe is perfectly useful for 25 days. In this way, in addition to protecting the user, we contribute to generate less waste and thus the expense of reverse logistics for the management of own waste (we generate 25 times less waste)

    • Test report, Aitex nº 2020TM3462
    • Designed, developed and tested according to UNE-EN 13795:2011

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